The Studio

Bethesda’s only Lagree Fitness studio. 50 min classes on the Megaformer full body conditioning that is low impact, while intense on muscles.

The Lagree Fitness Method

The Lagree Fitness Method is the only workout that is muscle shaking, sweat dropping intense, yet low impact.  Slow and controlled movements help build lean muscle mass.

The Megaformer

The machine and the method go hand in hand. This spring based core intensive machine can be adjusted to most ability levels.  See our class descriptions for more info.

Sculpt Studio
Sculpt Studio
lululemon showing off strength & flexibility from head-to-Megaformer! 😍
Sculpt Studio
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Bethesda's only licensed Lagree Fitness Megaformer studio bringing cutting-edge fitness to Montgomery County! #sculptstudio
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