Why Celebrities Choose the Lagree Fitness Method

Over the years, the need to exercise has become of paramount importance given the laxity associated with our daily lives. Since the benefits of a properly executed exercise were proven, exercising has been an integral part of our being. From its effect on slowing the aging process, burning calories and toning the body in the way that you would desire, there are multiple reasons why you should exercise.

Consequently, exercising itself has evolved tremendously, largely due to time management and the quest for better results within shorter periods. Time management is something that everyone, even celebrities, has to check effectively as there is always other work to be done. This is especially true for celebrities. Hence, the workouts which were popular some time ago and failed to produce timely results. We all remember the 80’s workout videos right?

Workouts of the past have been discarded with new research and better technology, to aid more efficient workouts. That’s where the Lagree Fitness Method comes in…

Mixing the highs and lows of workouts.

The two main types of workouts (high-intensity and low intensity) had to be alternated to maintain a good balance. Whether you’re exercising for weight loss, toning your abdominal muscles, or even to get a Kim K. butt, executing multiple muscle groups at the same time is key.

Sculpt Studio offering Lagree Method in Bethesda, Maryland has ten Megaformers.  Think of all the benefits the small-fitness group environment can provide in addition to using the very effective Megaformer machine.

Lagree Fitness Method

Although it is not Pilates, the Lagree workout has all the benefits of Pilates plus the additional effective muscle stimulation (aka. Muscle exhaustion). Think of high-intensity strength training and Pilates put together in one 50 minute class.

” [Lagree] is hands down the best thing you could do for your body. ” – Meghan Markle
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The Megaformer

At first glance, the Megaformer looks like a torture device, and to be honest, it is a very challenging workout for all levels of fitness,  but in the end, it’s the RESULTS that makes it worth it.

The Megaformer is a combination of springs, pulleys and hanging straps—designed with the whole body in mind. It’s really intensive and yields excellent results in just about thirty to sixty minutes. It works on your endurance, flexibility and strength levels simultaneously, eliminating the need for additional workouts. The Lagree Method and the Megaformer go hand in hand. These results are achieved when the Lagree Method is performed on the Megaformer.

Still wondering why so many celebrities prefer Lagree?

From top celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Aniston, Alessandra Ambrosio to celebrities such as Courtney Cox among many others, the effect of the Lagree method is evident. The additional benefit of this workout which speaks to these celebrity groups is building long and lean muscle mass.  No bulking up here! Lagree Method workout makes you look good naked! Yes, we said it and it’s true. The muscles you use in this workout are the smaller and slower muscle fibers which are very hard to activate. These slow-twitch muscles help strengthen and define the body without adding bulk/weight.

“You don’t have to be a celebrity to look amazing.”

Mary Farber, Studio Owner & Certified Lagree Instructor

The celebrities gravitate towards this fitness method because it yields quick and excellent results in very little time.

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