The Lagree Fitness Method has been getting more and more recognition globally and often mistaken for Pilates.  Although the Lagree Fitness Megaformer has some similarities to the Pilates Reformer, the two workouts are very different. Even the more contemporary style of Pilates Reformer classes cannot sustain the muscle intensity that the Lagree Megaformer classes include …

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Is there a smart way to fuel and refuel your body that maximizes your workout and curbs cravings hours after your Sculpt Studio Lagree class? Question no more! Recently we sat down with a nutritional expert, Amy Flashenberg-Laskowski, from Wilder Nutrition to dish the facts on how to fuel up your body before and after your Sculpt Studio Lagree Classes!

So what is it that fuses fitness to productivity to create a supercharge “performance hack”? John Ratey, a psychiatrist at Harvard Law, acclaims fitness to be ‘the single best thing for your brain regarding mood, memory, and learning.

Geoff Azaroff is a natural born competitor, both professionally and physically. He knew success comes from working hard and pushing one’s limits. So when he heard his past instructor, Mary Farber, was opening Bethesda’s only licensed Lagree Fitness Studio, he was eager to give it a try! Read Geoff’s first-hand account of how Lagree Fitness became his ultimate method for maintaining physical and mental toughness!

In celebration of August’s National Golf Day, we have put the spotlight on Adella Lerner,  TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm’s 2016 Golf Player of the Year. Below is Adella’s first-hand account of why the Lagree Fitness Method using the Megaformer machine is her secret to unleashing her golf-game.