What’s So “Mega” About A Megaformer Workout at Sculpt Studio?

Why is it called a Megaformer?  Is there really something extraordinary about the machine we’ve all come to love (…and hate….and love!)? And why can’t you just do similar exercises without the machine to get the same results? Two recent articles in the Wall Street Journal underscore the magic behind a Megaformer workout using the Lagree Fitness Method (July 21, 2015).


The first (“Meet the Megaformer”) explains that a Megaformer is not just a souped-up pilates reformer. “It’s a total gym,” says the machine’s inventor Sebastien Lagree, who goes on to point out resistance springs are the secret to training on the Megaformer. “The springs allow you to lengthen and shorten your muscles in a full range of motion without overstretching the joints.”


The second (“A Workout With the Benefits of Pilates — Plus Cardio and Music”) highlights a busy entrepreneur in search of an effective and efficient workout to fit her crushing schedule. She “‘wanted something that lengthened and strengthened [her] muscles, that was easy on [her] joints, but got [her] heart rate up and was set to music.’’


The Solution:  Lagree Fitness Method on the Megaformer. This is the workout we offer at Sculpt Studio in Bethesda, MD; delivering classes that address total fitness needs, while keeping the routines challenging for novice and seasoned pro, alike. In each exercise, the Lagree Method taught on Megaformers provides continuous tension to work multiple muscles simultaneously (you know — the ones you “didn’t know were there” until the day after your workout?).  It’s the combination of slow and controlled movements, with quick transitions from one exercise to the next, that makes the magic happen.


“We focus on time spent keeping muscles engaged continuously in each exercise, not on a set number of repetitions; then getting into the next move quickly. Rest and recovery are for the days or hours between your Megaformer workouts at Sculpt — not during!”


says Sculpt Studio Founder and Lead Instructor, Mary Farber. Done correctly, it is the most efficient workout available.


So what’s so Mega about the Megaformer workout at Sculpt Studio? Is it the machine or the method? Yes.* Add to that Sculpt Studio’s Lagree Fitness Certified Instructors, with a range of inspiring teaching styles and motivational tools, and you’ve got the whole package.


(*it’s both!)
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