One Strong Mother

Mary Farber

Chances are, you don’t rely on the sun rising to know it’s morning. You’re willing to be someone else’s alarm clock, chef, cleaner and life coach. Your quiet confidence and stability echoes throughout the house. You are your family’s rock and, whether they recognize it or not, the source of all light and energy.

So, let’s be real: you and other moms across Bethesda and the world need to be praised and appreciated so much more often than you are for what you contribute to your household, community, and society. That’s why we at Sculpt Studio want you to know – you’re a MEGA MOM, a MOM BOSS and someone who is incredibly special.

We hope you’ll stop by our studio, for an effective Lagree Fitness Method workout on our patented Megaformer™  and connect with one of the  MEGA MOMS you’re likely to meet at the Studio:


The Mega Efficient Mom

She’s a go-getter who masters in the art of balance and time. Constantly bombarded with a busy schedule, Sculpt Studio’s Megaformer™ workouts are one of the few things she doesn’t have to worry about. Why? Because, in just 50 minutes she gets a complete and total body workout on the Megaformer. And for just 50 minutes her mind has to clear and tune out her kid radar and life noises as she glides on the surface of the Megaformer™ combining her two favorite things; balance and coordination along with core strength and muscle endurance. This mom has a mind as equipped as her body, ready to take on any challenge from studio to home or workplace.

The Mega Athletic Mom

Maybe it’s caffeine, or maybe it’s her drive to stay fit. This is your non-stop Mega Mom who is always on the go. It’s no surprise the Sculpt Circuit class (the highest burning calorie class offered) is one of her favorites. She’s the type of woman who stops in for a quick 25-minute abs class in the middle of her errands. She is training for her next triathlon. She needs to  keep her body strong and safe from potential injuries, therefore, a low impact workout that’s intense on muscles but soft on joints is her go to for cross training. She is in charge of her health and people are drawn to her circle…especially her kids!


The Mega Social Mom

She knows why Lagree Fitness high-intensity workouts also have a high celebrity following. This on-trend Mama is always redefining her physique as much as she is her Facebook account and social calendar. She shops the latest studio name-brands and fuels the Sculpt community’s fire. This Mega Mom is up on her latest packages while always keeping friends updated on recent promotions. She is known to make the newbies feel welcome and for supporting others, while dominating her own. Don’t let her smile fool you, while she’s reaching the pinnacle RPM* she maintains a positive spirit that is as strong as her core.


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