Men on Megaformers: Calvin Harris

on Mar 10, 2015 in Blog, Megaformers

Calvin Harris 2

At Sculpt Studio, we’re always saying that real men workout on Megaformers…and it’s true! Sebastien Lagree created Megaformers and the Lagree Method with both men and women in mind. Everyone can benefit from the muscle building, calorie torching workouts that are designed to push you to your physical limits, and right on past them.

Case in point: Calvin Harris. The Scottish DJ and latest Armani underwear model sculpts his amazing physique on Megaformers. Those underwear ads are proof that Megaformer men are incredibly hot!! More details on his workouts can be found in this article (those machines should look very familiar).

Are you a guy interested in trying a Megaformer class? Come see what the buzz is all about! Sign up for a class at Sculpt Studio in Bethesda, we’d love to see you in the studio and promise to make sure you leave sweating, sore and wanting more!