Former athlete finds his ideal SWEATFEST in Lagree Fitness!

Meet Jordan Gear, a Sculpt Studio client who has become one of the most dedicated members of our community.  Read about his experience as an entrepreneur and an athlete and his thoughts on the Megaformer  and the Lagree Fitness workout at Sculpt Studio.

Your body can handle a lot. But what about your mind? Lagree is a daily mental test as well as a physical one.Through pain you build strength.

What were you personally looking for in a fitness program before Sculpt Studio? Have your personal fitness goals changed?

My fitness goals have evolved over the years as I’ve come to understand my body more deeply. It was the evolution and refinement of my goals that led me to commit to Sculpt. I was a diver for many years and competed at the Division 1 level. When you train at a high level at a high frequency, your mind and body acclimate to the intensity and crave it to maintain a feeling of equilibrium. I had a very difficult time adjusting to life after sports as I still wanted to feel as strong and as physically exhausted at the end of my days as I did in college. I tried many different workout programs that I hoped would replicate this feeling, but most were too hard on my body, not challenging enough, unsustainable, or all 3. Sustainability was a key word in my search for my new regimen. I wanted something that I could do every day and commit to with ease.

I loved the total body engagement of the Diving and the workouts we experienced that helped us to build strength. What I didn’t like was all the impact that took a serious toll on my joints and bones. Rigorous exercise has always been a necessity for me, but I wanted something that wasn’t going to make me feel like a 50-year old man at 25 the way collegiate athletics did. I didn’t like lifting weights and the strain it put on my low back and knees. What I did love about my collegiate training was the feeling of incredible strength that accompanies a strong core. Intense core work was a must for me and will always be an important part of my training because your core is your foundation. I thus wanted to find a program that would work my core and strengthen my body in the way that my body naturally develops strengthen. My muscles are long and lean, so I wanted a program that built long lean muscles with little to no impact. Sculpt Studio does just that.

Sculpt in 3 words: Engage. Feel. Embrace.

When did you start to feel and see results from Sculpt Studio's workout?

I felt the results after the first week because I went every day. In fact, I wanted to do it every day so that I could see how I felt after a week. After that week I felt the strength I knew best and appreciated the most—my core strength—was

returning. I began to see results after about 2 weeks of going every day. I became leaner and I saw more tone and definition in my muscles.

Once I recognized how great I felt and how similar it was to my diving training I knew that I had found my match. Commitment was an easy decision. And though it was expensive, it was—and still is—worth every cent.

What motivates you to integrate Lagree into your lifestyle?

Lagree is not for the weak-minded. Plain and simple. It is a philosophy that requires commitment, honesty, mindfullness, and accountability. It requires that you are committed to your strength, that you are honest about your level of effort in any given position, that you are mindful about what muscles you are recruiting to do work, and that you hold yourself accountable for your progress. The movements are very simple. If you were to watch a class you would probably say to yourself, that looks pretty simple. I could probably do that .

“It is because the movements are so small that the work is so hard. When you pay attention to the details of your positioning, you will find that the tiniest motion can yield the greatest burn. Once I discovered that magic I began to realize how deeply you can build and cultivate strength. It was this mental understanding that aligned perfectly with the way I live my life “

As an artist and an entrepreneur—which in my opinion are two sides of the same coin—I am committed to my journey, my progress, and my self expression. The artist in me requires dedication to my emotional life which is an intense experience. I’ve come into class many times dealing with heavy internal weights and am always reminded that all I have to do is engage my core, feel the burn, and embrace the pain to get through. Surrendering to and not fighting the pain is the key. When you embrace it, your pain tolerance increases as you learn to remain mentally cool through the physical burn. I’ve never believed that pain is weakness, through pain you build strength. Lagree really reminds me of that every day.

The entrepreneur in me is reminded every day in class that nothing comes easily, nothing will be handed to you, and no one will care if you don’t succeed (whatever that word means to you). Achieving your goals is a hustle and requires dedication even when it isn’t fun. I am reminded so often why most people don’t make it —if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Lagree is the teacher that makes me feel great about my progress while always reminding me that there is another level to be accessed if I can find the strength to hold on and push a little harder. Over time the exercises become both easier and and more challenging. They become easier mentally because you know what to expect. They become easier physically because you get stronger. The exercises become harder when, as a Legree veteran, you realize that you now are in control of the intensity of the burn. It is at that point when you truly see what you are made of because it is then up to you how much pain you want to endure and how much fear you are willing to confront to reach the next level of strength. I find this to be a threshold that all elite athletes must confront at some point in their journey. Your body can handle a lot. But what about your mind? Lagree is a daily mental test as well as a physical one. I appreciate both. 

What is your go-to snack post-workout?

Three fried eggs over a bed of arugula (drizzled with olive oil) and topped with avocado.

Is there anything you can do now that you could not do before?

Accept and embrace pain with less resistance and anger.