How the Lagree Fitness Method Unleashed this Golfer’s Game

In celebration of August’s National Golf Day, we have put the spotlight on Adella Lerner,  TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm’s 2016 Golf Player of the Year. Below is Adella’s first-hand account of why the Lagree Fitness Method is her secret to unleashing her golf-game.

This isn’t just any workout. Each 50-minute class strategically targets the muscles I use on the golf course. I quickly noticed the benefits of Sculpt’s Lagree Fitness classes.  The classes not only enhanced my golf performance but became a lifestyle within itself. It is no surprise I have been with Sculpt Studio since their doors first opened.

When I first started using the Megaformer™ I knew that I had to mentally and physically challenge myself. The Instructors happily made modifications where I focused on the mini wins (rather than losses) throughout my progress. It’s funny because when you feel better physically your mind awakens. I believe that stamina starts with your perception and determination to ‘push through it.’

This full body workout effectively combines strength, endurance, cardio, balance, and flexibility training in each and every move. Classes are designed to help me reach effective muscle stimulation (muscle failure) with minimal impact to my joints. Strengthening my core has improved my swing speed and muscle balance in golf.

The most rewarding aspect of this workout is the results you see by just showing up to classes each week. I wouldn’t have the stamina and endurance that I have today without working past the early stages. Sculpt Studio has taught me to show up and give it my best effort in every class… In golf, it’s about making the most of each moment – winning is just a bonus!

I am now very competitive because I feel stronger. I actually like to embrace that feeling of being pushed to hold a little longer than I want to. As Jill (instructor) says,”it’s that right kind of wrong.” That feeling throughout my muscles is a reminder I am becoming the strongest version of myself. I started taking classes when I was 50 years old. Now, I feel better than I did when I started. I really would say this like drinking out of the fountain of youth!

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