Bethesda Alert: New Lagree Fitness Instructor Joins Our Sculpt Studio Squad

Meet Elena!

We are welcoming Elena Zhilinskaya to Sculpt Studio’s Lagree fitness family! Elena has evolved from a client into our newest instructor and we could not be more proud! In celebration of this new milestone, we have asked Elena a few quick questions so that you can get to know her a little better!

Q1. How would you best friend describe your personality?


  • Driven
  • Confident

Q 2. What brought you to Bethesda, Maryland?

I’ve been calling Bethesda “home” since I moved to the area my sophomore year of college. I  love being in the DMV! There’s a great “vibe” within the area while the location is easily accessible to D.C. The culture of Bethesda, both social and fitness, is its biggest selling point. 

Since stepping foot into Sculpt Studio, I loved the local and boutique feel. Pairing that environment with the effectiveness of this workout… I was hooked!

After the Sweatfest, I like to refuel eating at restaurant like, Duck Duck Goose. The food is not only delicious but  just steps away from my apartment! Overall, it’s a great area to be apart of.

Q 3. Why did you first choose Sculpt Studio's Lagree Fitness program?

I’ve had back issues for years so I was looking for a workout that would be easy on my back. I loved that I can achieve a long, lean, sculpted body without creating stress on my spine or joints! It’s important for me to feel the workout. From my first class until today, I can feel my smaller muscles shake. It’s a not-so subtle reminder that my body is getting stronger!

Q 4. Where there any challenges that you faced while transitioning from a client to instructor? If so, how did you overcome those hurdles?

As a client I never had to make those personal connections, I was in and out of the studio in 50 minutes. When I started teaching, I had to make that adjustment rather quickly and I eventually understood what I had to do each and every single class to make that transition. But I got over that in no time since I knew a lot of the clients already. Overall, the transition was very easy. All of the instructors and clientele were so supportive and enthusiastic that it made me even more excited about teaching at Sculpt.

" All of the instructors and clientele were so supportive and enthusiastic that it made me even more excited about teaching at Sculpt!"

Sculpt Studio caters toward creating a unique experience for their clients and I want to be apart of that! So my biggest focus is to build relationships with those who are in my class. I really want to take advantage that each class has a maximum of 10 people per class. The small group fitness classes make it so I can personally learn and support each members personal fitness goals. I want to know why they love the Lagree Fitness Method, if they will need any modifications, and what brings them to my class!  This is my biggest opportunity ahead but one that I am most eager to work on as a new instructor!