A Runner’s Journey to Regain Strength

Sonia Szlyk happened to give Sculpt Studio a try on a whim. As a fitness guru firmly rooted in running, she had no preconceived notions or experience with pilates or using a Megaformer.™

Below is Sonia’s first-hand account of how she regained strength using the Lagree Fitness Method and why she’ll never “run away!”

When I first joined Sculpt Studio, I was unable to do a standard plank. I was recovering from tendonitis in my wrist. Tendonitis is caused by repeated stress on a tendon, it weakens the affected area making you more susceptible to further injuries in the future. This is a pretty common injury amongst athletes. Personally, tendonitis had caused me to have a significant amount of muscle loss in my arm.

Recommended by my friend (and Sculpt veteran) Jana, I signed up for my first class at Sculpt without having any experience with Pilates or the Megaformer™ or the Lagree Method. This was actually not a surprise for the instructors, all of whom provided modifications for my wrist injury so I could continue the workout and achieve the results I was hoping for. I could tell that all the instructors had expertise in providing modifications for those who needed them.

I had taken other fitness classes before but as a runner, I’m used to dripping in sweat, that is my barometer of a good workout – Sculpt had that intensity.

The Sculpt Studio work out on the Megaformer™ helped me rebuild strength in my arms with minimal impact on my weakened wrist. As an athletic competitor, I appreciated that I didn’t have to compromise my workout because I was recovering from tendonitis. Sculpt helped me rehab my wrist and now I’m even able to do mega planks to pike.

Sculpt offers a variety of classes with different intensity levels. I find Sculpt Classic classes feel like you’re always on. There’s always tension in multiple directions using hand weights and springs. I can say that Sculpt classes have enhanced my running performance in many ways.

I have seen improvement in my core strength that has resulted in having better balance when I run. Strengthening my hamstrings and glutes have resulted in having better form when I run which in turn has increased my endurance.

Each class I have taken has been different. There are so many exercises that can be done on the Megaformer™  and the variations in springs in each routine make each class unique. I’ve also enjoyed Sculpt Circuit classes for intense cardio cross training. Changing up the workout but still achieving a total body workout makes the classes exciting and always challenging in an effective way.

Describe Sculpt Studio’s workout in one word? I’d say,“ addicting.” Given the intensity of this workout, you see improved muscle definition in a short amount of time. I work full-time and have two young boys but make the time in the week to work out. Sculpt classes force me to clear my mind and focus on me for those 50 minutes. Occasionally, when I take Jill’s class, she’ll say,

“This is your time, make sure you get what you want out of the class before you leave.”

Sculpt coaches are encouraging and at the same time are pushing you to go beyond your comfort zone. I always have a smile on my face… at the end of class.

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