Faster Than A Speeding Bullet…Able To Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound…Super Men Are Made on a Megaformer

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What’s a Megaformer™? A patented machine that uses spring resistance to build muscle and increase flexibility through high intensity full-body exercise….done smarter. Developed by Sebastien Lagree, a former personal trainer and body builder, it addresses all physical fitness needs including strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility, core, and balance. What most don’t know, however, is that Lagree invented the Megaformer™ and method after recognizing the shortcomings of workouts that are generally dominated by men – weight lifting, crossfit, boot camps etc.

June is Men’s Fitness Month, so who better to ask than our male trainers for their top takeaways from training on Megaformers here at Sculpt Studio in Bethesda? Here’s what they’re saying:

 Turbocharged Performance

All our men cited big boosts in overall physical fitness with consistent training on a Megaformer at Sculpt. What’s more, they also noticed increased flexibility, and a decrease in injuries that translated to better performance and faster gains in their other fitness pursuits. Whether it’s out-dodging competitors on the soccer field, enhanced weight training, or higher jumps during an all-out stage performance, Sculpt’s Megaformer training makes you better at everything else you do.

 Stamina, Stamina, Stamina

Who couldn’t use more energy and endurance? Our men point to another huge upside from consistent Megaformer training at Sculpt: a noticeable increase in stamina, even for lifelong athletes. That’s because the machine and the method target slow-twitch, stabilizing muscle fibers (the muscles you ‘didn’t know you had’ until they’re sore?), which “act like cement or a foundation for proper muscle development of all muscular types” according to Lagree. In addition, the typical Sculpt workout raises your heart rate for 50 minutes and burns somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 calories, all through slow and controlled movement. You’re getting cardio benefits, without the associated joint-stress of many traditional cardio activities.

If that weren’t enough, every Megaformer workout — every move — is often a test of mental strength — mind over matter. Persevering through these deceptively simple moves with the proper form and pace builds the mental stamina to go the extra distance when your body says stop.

Group Therapy For The Win!

One benefit that surprised male Sculpt trainers and male clients alike was the motivational boost of working out in a group setting — which runs contrary to the ‘lone wolf’ model of many men’s fitness pursuits such as weight-lifting…

“the group aspect and the camaraderie of the workout has made it easier — and fun! — to keep motivated and coming to class”

Need more inspiration for keeping up your regular workouts? How about these 5 Surprising Benefits of Exercise cited by Men’s Health recently.

Come Be a Super Man at Sculpt!

For Jean-Richard, It’s Reducing Injuries and Joint Pain:
“In addition to big increases in my physical fitness, the Megaformer has benefitted all my supporting muscles that in turn reduce injuries and help in my overall weight lifting routine. Also, my joints hurt less.”

For Damon, It’s Boredom-Busting Variety:
“As an artist I need variety. There’s more than 100 moves I can do on the megaformer. I am never bored. My body never plateaus. I can train and fine tune every muscle group to keep me performance ready. Lagree has completely changed how I approach my training.

For David, It’s Definition:
“My Sculpt workouts have given me more definition in my midsection than I’ve ever gotten with any other workout that I’ve done.”

Come Be A Super Man at Sculpt!