Tis the Season for Transformation

- This Month Only -


Sculpt Studio is proud to have brought Megaformers™ and the Lagree Fitness Method to Bethesda, and we’d love for you to come in and see what we’re about! Our workouts give you the highest RPM* available (*results per minute!) in an intense 50 minutes that effectively combine Strength, Endurance, Cardio, Balance, Core, and Flexibility. “Test drive” our fitness program by taking advantage of our December New Member Special!

  • This offer will last 1-month from your purchase date.


Why we choose Lagree Fitness!

  • You won’t be judged; you will be coached – our certified instructors will encourage you to tap into mental and physical strength you didn’t know you had! Each class has a maximum of 10 people per class provides a small group fitness environment while conquering your individual fitness goals.
  • Sweat Equity – What are you getting out of your current fitness memberships? Our workout understands your lifestyle in terms it is effective and efficient. You will achieve a full-body workout after every 50-minute class.
  • Low Impact – Intense on your muscles with minimum impact on your joints resulting in increased endurance and strength for your body.
  • Muscle Definition without Bulk – From NFL players to Victoria Secret models, celebrities love this fitness method because it lengthens and strengthens the muscles

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