Studio Policies

Studio Policies

Sculpt Studio Policies

You must pre-register in advance through our online scheduling system to attend classes.

For your first session, you must arrive 10 minutes prior to your class. For your safety, if you do not arrive 10 minutes before your first session, you will not be allowed to join the class and will need to reschedule for another available time slot.

For subsequent classes, please arrive on time, as it is important not to disturb the already started session. We will hold your reserved spot for 10 minutes, but it may be given to a waiting standby client once 10 minutes have passed.

Reservations must be cancelled online at least 12 hours prior to the start time of class. Any cancellation made fewer than 12 hours ahead of class will be considered a ‘Late Cancel’ and class credit will be lost for that session.  Monthly memberships will be charged $25 for Late Cancels/Absences.

To cancel a Monthly Membership, email at least 10 days in advance of your next auto-renewal date.

Classes cannot be rescheduled for a different class time past the 12-hour cancellation window. Each reservation is unique.

All classes must be prepaid through our online scheduling program. A valid credit card is required for all accounts.

All sales are final.  Once purchased, classes are not eligible for transfer, refund or exchange.

Instructors and classes are subject to change without notice.

No cell phone usage during class, you owe yourself 50 minutes of pure focus and downtime!

Have additonal questions? Please email us at

  • About Megaformers
  • Evolved Workouts
  • The Method

The ‘Megaformer™’ is a patented machine that improved on the traditional pilates reformer by making it more versatile for a wider range of movements. This evolution allows slow and controlled lengthening and contraction of muscles — simultaneously training for strength, endurance and flexibility; while continually addressing core stability and balance. The Megaformer™ enhances both safety and efficiency, reducing joint impact substantially while challenging cardiorespiratory fitness and literally hundreds of muscles in each and every move.

Our small group classes on the Megaformer effectively combine Strength, Endurance, Cardio, Balance, Core and Flexibility training not only in one session but in each and every move.

The Method is very specific in that it strengthens the body and promotes fat loss without bulking up the muscle. In addition, it restores the body’s natural alignment and balance.  The Method is both intense and therapeutic: two benefits rarely seen in the same workout; it is both fire and water.