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Sculpt 101

All are welcome in our slower-paced intro to Sculpt class. Our coaches guide you through the techniques and proper form used in all our classes. This class is 50 minutes, however, duration of exercises are a little less and spring load is set to give you the support you need to perform the workout. Perfect if you're new to Sculpt or have an old injury but still want to get a full body workout and increase your strength, balance and flexibility.
Recommended: For Beginners

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Sculpt Pilates

A fusion of Pilates Reformer and Lagree Fitness Method designed to tone, tighten, and transform. Performed on the Megaformer, this class is designed to help you get stronger and prepare you for Sculpt Classic. We guide you through a complete conditioning class to increase your range of motion and to keep focus on skeletal alignment and form correction.
Recommended: For Beginners/Pilates Enthusiasts

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Sculpt Classic

Our signature class. This core intensive full body workout effectively combines strength, endurance, cardio, balance and flexibility training in each and every move. Designed to help you reach effective muscle stimulation (muscle failure) with minimal impact to your joints. This class is 50 minutes of total body challenge where you can expect to test your mind, body and spirit every time.

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Sculpt Barre

This 50 minute class combines ballet movements with core stability and balance while performed on the Megaformer and on the floor. It is sure to leave you feeling tightened and toned in all the right places.

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Sculpt Circuit

Get breathless with intervals of cardio and plyometric floor exercises combined with strength and core training on the Megaformer. This high impact class is 50 minutes and requires sneakers. Designed to access your fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers. Our highest calorie burning class.

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Sculpt Arms + Abs

Give those legs a break with this 50 minute class on the Megaformer ™ which focuses on the upper half of the body. Exercises are focused entirely on the core and upper body in order to build, strengthen, and streamline muscle tone. This class can be a great alternative for those with lower body injuries such as knee or hip that prevents them from taking other classes. This class is a favorite amongst men.

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$aver Classic

The only difference is the price. These classes are only $23, and offered throughout the schedule on a rotating basis.

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 Take one of these classes separately when you need a quick hit – or go for your #badass badge and add a 25 min. class to a neighboring 50 minute workout on the schedule.

+ Abs

A 25 min. class focused on the core, abs and obliques (yes, those are three different things!). Exercises are done on the Megaformer.

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+ Glutes

A 25 min. class focused on lifting and shaping glutes and strengthening hips. Exercises are done on the Megaformer with the addition of bands, ball and other props.

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+ Stretch

A 25 min. class on the Megaformer to work through all the kinks. Stretch and lengthen your body and feel great for the rest of your day.

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Class schedules are posted monthly. We try to accommodate our clients’ schedules by offering all level classes at all different times.  

Did you know you can request a class for the schedule?  Organize 8-10 BFFs (Best Fitness Friends) who can commit to a weekly time slot, and we’ll work with you to add it to the schedule. Contact Mary@SculptStudio.com with questions.