Lagree Method

Why Mary Farber LOVES the Lagree Method Workout on the Megaformer

on May 18, 2014 in Blog, Lagree Method

I love the Lagree Method workout on Megaformers because it is the most efficient and effective workout that I have done during all of my years as a fitness instructor. The Megaformer is an amazing machine, created by Sebastien Lagree, this machine targets muscles that are not easily accessible. A 50 minute class is equivalent to a 90 minute strength training workout at the gym as far as your big muscle groups are concerned. However, the class at the gym cannot target the deep and slow twitch muscle fibers that are being used during a Megaformer class. Bottom line: in less time, you get a lot more out of your workout. Since the opening of Sculpt Studio in late January, I have been doing a Megaformer workout 3 to 5 times a week and I see significant changes in my own body. I am no longer doing any weight training, so the Megaformer classes are my only strength/core training that I do every week. I see more definition in my arms, thighs and oh boy my abs. My butt has changed in shape. It’s definitely standing up higher. I feel stronger and pain free. Each Megaformer workout is still very challenging which is why it will never get boring. There are so many variations of exercises to explore. All of the instructors at Sculpt Studio take classes in addition to teaching their own classes. We love the Megaformer and the benefits that come with it! Ready to see your own results? Book a class today....

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The Lagree Method & Slow Twitch Muscle Fibers

on Apr 17, 2014 in Blog, Lagree Method

Curious about the slow twitch muscles our instructors are always talking about during class? Sculpt Studio uses the Lagree Fitness Method to target slow twitch muscles during those long long series of lunges you all love on the Megaformers. The result? Major calorie burn and quicker visible results!

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