Lagree Fitness vs. Pilates

on Oct 5, 2018 in Blog

The Lagree Fitness Method has been getting more and more recognition globally and often mistaken for Pilates.  Although the Lagree Fitness Megaformer has some similarities to the Pilates Reformer, the two workouts are very different.Even the more contemporary style of Pilates Reformer classes cannot sustain the muscle intensity that the Lagree Megaformer classes include in each session.  The effective muscle stimulation that is achieved in our Sculpt Classic classes is what we are talking about. When you’re on the Megaformer, starting with that first exercise, you begin to feel that (oh oh, this is no joke).  On the second minute/exercise, your body has warmed up. By the third minute, you may begin to sweat!! That is partly the due to the Megaformer itself and the additional functionalities it offers. The other part is due to the Method, itself. Our own Mary Farber, is the best resource in differentiating the two workout methods.  Mary has over a decade of experience in Pilates Apparatus and has been teaching and practicing Lagree Fitness for the past five years.  Here is what Mary has to say about the two Methods: “When I went through my Pilates training, I learned about the connection of mind and body.  I learned the basics in moving my body and performing exercises in correct form. I learned how to engage my core muscles and I learned how important it is to focus on full body workouts.  Strengthening the backside of the body along with learning how to engage my abs were the highlights of my training. When I started practicing the Lagree Method on the Megaformer, I was able to use all that training and knowledge to perform the workout.  Believe me when I say that it has changed the way I think about fitness. This workout has changed my body. This workout has made me a different person, I feel stronger than I ever have before.  I feel challenged every time I get on the Megaformer and it is still a battle that goes on in my head to stay in the poses as long as I can with good form.” The constant tension on the muscles in our Sculpt classic classes is what Mary is talking about....

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Why Leaders in Business Choose Lagree Fitness

on Sep 15, 2017 in Blog

So what is it that fuses fitness to productivity to create a supercharge “performance hack”? John Ratey, a psychiatrist at Harvard Law, acclaims fitness to be ‘the single best thing for your brain regarding mood, memory, and learning.

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