Why Leaders in Business Choose Lagree Fitness

on Sep 15, 2017 in Blog

What does the CEO of Apple, Vogue Editor-and-Chief, and a former President of the United States all have in common? All attribute exercise as contributing to their success. Tim Cook, Anna Wintour, and Barrack Obama all mandate exercise as part of their weekly, if not daily, routines So what is it that fuses fitness to productivity to create a supercharge “performance hack”? John Ratey, a psychiatrist at Harvard Law, acclaims fitness to be ‘the single best thing for your brain regarding mood, memory, and learning.’ Knowing the importance of and benefits from regularly working out, why do we choose Lagree Fitness? One word : Efficiency. Lagree focus your efforts to provide optimum benefit. Physical fitness can be categorized by these five basic elements: Cardio, Strength, Endurance, Body Composition, and Flexibility. While many workouts try to integrate some or most these elements into an overall workout regiment. Lagree fitness incorporates all elements in each movement so that by the end of each 50 minute class you have successfully optimized each and every movement to efficiently achieve maxim benefit from all the five elements. from your efforts. Below are key features of why leaders in business choose the Lagree Fitness Method as their choice in working out.   Exercise keeps you alert and focused – In order to get all the benefits of Lagree Fitness, you must learn to effectively stimulate the body.  We coach our clients to maintain constant and effective muscle stimulation. The muscles must stay “on” the whole time.  That takes focus and determination. Reduce stress – To achieve effective muscle stimulation, there must be effective intensity. When the body is working so hard, it requires more oxygen, therefore breathing is essential.  Breathing can help burn stored body fat during exercise in addition to releasing stress.   Overcoming obstacles faced in high performing occupations-  Overcoming business challenges in fitness language could be described as improving anaerobic threshold levels.  Most of our training is in the aerobic state but every once in a while we may be required to push our limits.  The more fit you are or the longer you can stay in aerobic state and therefore pushing up your threshold levels.  It’s about working hard and passing and overcoming what we...

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How the Lagree Fitness Method Unleashed this Golfer’s Game

on Aug 15, 2017 in Blog

In celebration of August’s National Golf Day, we have put the spotlight on Adella Lerner,  TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm’s 2016 Golf Player of the Year. Below is Adella’s first-hand account of why the Lagree Fitness Method is her secret to unleashing her golf-game. This isn’t just any workout. Each 50-minute class strategically targets the muscles I use on the golf course. I quickly noticed the benefits of Sculpt’s Lagree Fitness classes.  The classes not only enhanced my golf performance but became a lifestyle within itself. It is no surprise I have been with Sculpt Studio since their doors first opened. When I first started using the Megaformer™ I knew that I had to mentally and physically challenge myself. The Instructors happily made modifications where I focused on the mini wins (rather than losses) throughout my progress. It’s funny because when you feel better physically your mind awakens. I believe that stamina starts with your perception and determination to ‘push through it.’ This full body workout effectively combines strength, endurance, cardio, balance, and flexibility training in each and every move. Classes are designed to help me reach effective muscle stimulation (muscle failure) with minimal impact to my joints. Strengthening my core has improved my swing speed and muscle balance in golf. The most rewarding aspect of this workout is the results you see by just showing up to classes each week. I wouldn’t have the stamina and endurance that I have today without working past the early stages. Sculpt Studio has taught me to show up and give it my best effort in every class… In golf, it’s about making the most of each moment – winning is just a bonus! I am now very competitive because I feel stronger. I actually like to embrace that feeling of being pushed to hold a little longer than I want to. As Jill (instructor) says,”it’s that right kind of wrong.” That feeling throughout my muscles is a reminder I am becoming the strongest version of myself. I started taking classes when I was 50 years old. Now, I feel better than I did when I started. I really would say this like drinking out of the fountain of youth! Try your...

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Let’s Get Physical

on Jun 15, 2017 in Blog

We have brought in the music professional, Glyde Productions with DJ Ralph for our Mega Mixer – Fit + Sip this Friday, June 16. In the spirit of this event, we have dug a little deeper to see why it is music gets us up and moving! – Here’s what we’ve learned!

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One Strong Mother

on May 9, 2017 in Blog

Sculpt Studio want you to know – you’re a MEGA MOM, a MOM BOSS and someone who is incredibly special. We hope you’ll stop by our studio, for an effective Lagree Fitness Method workout on our patented Megaformer™ and connect with one of the MEGA MOMS you’re likely to meet at the Studio.

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