Six-Day Total Body Reset Challenge in Bethesda: One Sculpt Studio Client Shares Her Surprising Experience

on Feb 29, 2016 in Blog, Diet

You may recall Sculpt’s pre-holiday 6-Day Rebalancing Cleanse & Reboot Challenge….We asked Sculpt client Dina, who completed the full six-day reboot challenge, to share her experience.

Although she’s done cleanse programs before, this was her longest. “I’ve done cleanses for five days — but never six.” Anyone who’s been on diet restrictions for even 12 hours can appreciate what a 6th day would mean! What accounted for her success? “This cleanse included food(!)” Here’s how it unfolded:

The Blow-By-Blow

Day 1: “was very easy, in fact, I was full all day and couldn’t even finish the juices. (I ate too much the day before. :)”

Days 2, 3 & 4: “were fairly easy, too, even though I wasn’t drinking coffee – and trying to close deals at work for year-end. I worked out moderately, and felt okay.”

Day 5: “was honestly tougher, but I found that it wasn’t because I missed unhealthy foods, it was just because I was hungry.”

Day 6: absolutely the toughest, but “I made it through (just barely!).”

Dina’s Post-Reboot Observations

  • I am back on coffee, but only one 8-12 ounce cup daily (I was drinking double this before the cleanse)

  • I decided that cutting out bread, dairy, and candy actually made me feel better – so I avoid them during the week now

  • I miss the juices, and bought four today to take traveling with me to tide me over. The juices are a great go-to when I need something healthy!

When all was said and done, I really enjoyed the cleanse. I had much more energy, and want more of those salads!

Lessons Learned

The only thing I would have done differently would be to change my workout routine from moderate workouts to lighter workouts – this was probably why days 5 and 6 were so hard.

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