Sail Through The Holidays With Sculpt

on Nov 23, 2016 in Blog

DECEMBER DOUBLE DOWN (Why It’s The Smartest Holiday Treat)

Most of us don’t need a scientific study* to know that holiday food and drinks can pack on the pounds (*though here’s one if you do). But did you know that you’re likely to lose only 50% of that holiday weight gain in the typical New Year’s resolution-driven fitness frenzy?

The smarter strategy is to get out ahead of that potential gain by doubling down on your workouts, especially the type of workout that gives you endurance + strength + balance + cardio + core all in one efficient package, like we do in our Megaformer™ classes at Sculpt Studio — because who among us can resist every tasty holiday treat? Read here for tips from last week’s Washington Post on navigating the nutritional challenges of holiday parties without sabotaging your health.

Know this: you’ve worked hard all year earning your fitness gains. The end of the year is a time when too many of us are tempted to suspend all the good habits that got us this far, and take a “holiday” from working out and watching our diets. What’s terrible about that m.o. is that the end of year holidays can be among the most stressful periods of the entire year — with many more demands than time or energy to meet them. Add to that a body stressed by poorer nutrition and less exercise and it’s no wonder we get frazzled!

We care about your health, your strength and your resilience and want you to sail through the holidays at the top of your game. So forget about taking a holiday from good health — now is the most important time to actually increase your fitness routine. We’re here to help you have fun and get real results.

Come double down with Sculpt in December.  We’re celebrating every client who can *double* the number of classes they took in November, and welcome newcomers to the Sculpt family to set their bar and beat the resolutions-rush of January. Do you truly want to treat yo’self this holiday period? Then get sweaty, get sore, and come back for more. Double down in December.