Live Life Sculpted — We’re Evolving Our Best For You, Sculpt Bethesda!

on Aug 17, 2016 in Blog

When I started Sculpt Studio in the summer of 2013, it was with the encouragement and support of two extraordinary clients who offered to partner with me to open my own studio to introduce Bethesda to a truly innovative workout. I knew from the first time *I* did a Megaformer workout, that this was going to be revolutionary and I needed to bring it home. It was unlike anything I had done or coached to that point (over the 20+ years I’ve lived and worked alongside you in this great community, 11 of them as a dedicated fitness professional). I am forever grateful to Ginine Beyer and Danielle Tate who started the journey with me, opening Sculpt’s doors together in January 2014.


Being a new business owner was challenging, but like the Megaformer workout itself — the benefits outweigh the struggle! My belief in this workout and my passion for helping people get stronger inside and out, have driven me through the ups and downs of creating a breakthrough fitness experience in my hometown where nothing similar existed. Since then, I have had a couple of years to really figure out what’s important to me in running my studio, and to you, fellow Sculpters, in reaching — and smashing — your fitness goals. We are pushing way beyond same-old same-old, together.


Live Life Branded


I’ve never been satisfied with the status quo, which leads me to new frontiers. Just as you (our clients), are constantly pushing your mental and physical limits on the way to forging new paths to greatness, we’re doing that here at Sculpt too. While it’s true that even if we didn’t change a thing, we still would be your favorite place to get physically fit + mentally strong, but why stop there?


Recently, I decided to modernize the look and feel of Sculpt Studio. I am excited to announce the next evolution of Sculpt as Bethesda’s own (and only!) Lagree Fitness Method studio, as we transition to our new look and feel — rolling out changes to our physical space, website and communications over the next month.


Live Life With Community


I want our Studio to speak to the extreme passion I have for this Sculpt community — and to reflect us, in all our quirky, hard-working, smart, creative, supportive, innovative, best-is-just-the-beginning ways. What isn’t changing, by the way, is everything you love — the exceptional workout, top-notch coaches and welcoming community you’re a part of here.


We are so much more than a boutique fitness studio that’s conveniently located in the diverse and dynamic community of Bethesda. Inside Sculpt, we foster our own diverse and dynamic community, building our culture around the philosophy that you + sculpt studio = physically fit + mentally strong.


Live Life With Wellness


My vision is to share the incredible benefits of Megaformer and the Lagree Method with the great people and businesses of Bethesda and throughout the DMV. With a new Health & Wellness outreach program, Sculpt Your Health, physicians, physical therapists, nutritionists and other well-respected health care providers will share their expertise and promote wellness. We are creating this program to continue to educate and empower our thriving community, and support their fitness and personal goals.


Live Life In Style


Another passion that I share with you (my clients) is a sense of style and Studio-to-street fashion. When you’re working as hard as this phenomenal Sculpt community is, you deserve to look as good as you feel doing it. I love bringing you the best performance wear from the best brands, combining cutting edge workout gear with the type of sass and spunk that defines us.


Live Life Sculpted


Sculpt is never stagnant. You evolve, and we evolve to support and inspire you. I want to give back all that is given to me each day. I am incredibly lucky to have such an amazing coaching staff who are not just the best at what they do, but who are engaging and encouraging as human beings — helping you reach your fitness goals, always in a warm and friendly (but results-oriented and accountable) environment. They simply don’t know any other way to do it and we love them for it. Also a big thanks to our team working diligently behind the scenes, who literally keep me moving forward. The biggest thanks, though, is to you — I am so inspired by you, Sculpters, by your loyalty and commitment. Together let’s “Live Life Sculpted.”