A Secret Weapon For Rocking At Life (Rachel’s Story)

on Apr 21, 2016 in Blog

smaller pic RachelR

All of our clients’ struggles — and triumphs — inspire us! Sometimes we’re sharing a Megaformer journey that we think will resonate with everyone, because of the simple truth it embodies. Rachel’s is such a story. She has been a Sculpt client for 18 months, and we have seen her grow from hurting and uncertain to a force of nature. That is the power of Sculpt and of the “supported struggle” we embrace via the Lagree Method here in Bethesda. The secret to Rachel’s success? Three little words.

Read about it here, as she tells it:

[In 2014,] my life was this: stressed out, fused spine with back pain, overweight, and grieving the sudden loss of my Mom. On 11/11/2014 my life changed with one tiny (but crucial) step — I showed up to my first Sculpt Studio workout.

Without expectations, I entered the studio, warmly greeted by the instructor and future workout pals. 50 minutes later I felt just like everyone else: elated, exhausted, and looking forward to getting stronger from my next Sculpt Studio workout. Fast forward to 4/15/2016. I’m in the best shape of my entire life and just married my dream man (and best friend) on a beach in Costa Rica. If I had followed conventional wisdom — i.e., don’t plan an outdoor wedding on a beach during rainy season — I would have missed the gloriously improbable sunshine we had that day. I counted that sunshine as a wedding present from my angelic Mom, who was the one who taught me the very thing that also brought me to Sculpt Studio — three magic words: “Just show up.”

So I did. I showed up to Sculpt Studio

….When I was hurting and sore.

….When I was tired.

….When I was insecure about working out in front of others.

….When it was sooo freakin’ cold out (thanks DC weather).

I just showed up. I did what I could on the machine, pushing myself while listening to my body. Things started changing within the first couple weeks and have not stopped since.
I am stronger than ever before. Fitter than I could have imagined. More confident than I ever thought possible. Greater ability to focus. More energy reserves. Calmer than I was ever comfortable with. I showed up and now I’m treating myself with respect and listening to my body.

Look out — Sculpt Studio is a gateway drug to self love. You show up, doing what you can. You grow on your journey. You surprise yourself with the results. Those result bleed into other facets of your life. You show up there too. It’s the perfect upwards spiral. I leverage resilience to survive, heal, and thrive. In my resilience arsenal, Sculpt Studio turned out to be a powerful secret weapon.

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